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10/20/16 @ 10:15 PM
Jeff Robl

Bobber Down Guide Service
Turtle Flambeau Flowage
Mercer, Wisconsin USA

Waning Gibbous


41° - 45° F

51° - 55° F

Thanks for the info on anchoring systems, I contacted the people who make the gpas and owners son happens to be coming to the TFF this weekend, going to meet up and buy a couple. Lakshiner, the single anchor with a bungee off of each cleat sounds like it could be advantageous in labor, pulling anchors. Though pulling anchors is about the only exercise I get for 6 months. I would think you might get side to side drift with one anchor in the middle but depending on how specific the structure you're fishing is it's not always a bad thing.

Camper728 I got a good laugh on your post: to jig fish with fatheads or troll lead core line and rapalas? When I was a kid our dad would occasionally (rarely) give us an option, do you want to go troll on Winnebago (lead core line and rapalas) or cast on Butte des morts? Catching walleyes casting was an easy choice. My dad still an avid fisherman at, I think age 78, is a lot better fisherman than in the 1970's, he fishes mainly with jigs and slip bobbers. I think he learned a lot from my younger brother Joe and by the way I don't think he reads these posts. Go with the jigs and fatheads!

Fishing report: We have mainly been fishing the deeper walleyes, 15-24' casting 1/8 oz. jigs and fatheads. We have been catching a fair amount of fish, today 35 walleyes but they have been smaller fish, today we kept 7 along with five really nice perch. The last two days the fish have been biting really light, often not feeling the bite just weight on the line. The fall is usually a great time to teach people how to catch fish with jigs, today was hard with the light bites. At 10:30 (with shore lunch planned) we had one keeper walleye and a rock bass in the live well, customer Jeff on my right was catching fish so I had him switch places with son Scott who kept coming up with a jig and no minnow. I watched his rod tip and told him what to do, by days end everyone was catching fish, it is a rewarding part of the job. We kept a mess of rock bass, they are good eating and provide additional fish frys for customers. I quit keeping them in August when the water was warm but the last few shore lunches I have been pointedly asking how they were, and really, can't tell them from the other fish.

Yesterday fishing with long time customer David we did a combination outing, fishing for both walleyes and musky. We started on some of the deeper holes where there were walleyes. I put a sucker on and put it out the back by the transom so you could see it in the sonar, we had musky come and look a couple times but no takers, we cast jigs and caught walleyes at the same time. In the afternoon, fishing shallower water, where there were walleyes and I knew musky, we put 2 suckers out on bobbers. We also jigged for walleyes, after a short time I put the jig rod down and took several casts with a black Bucher top raider. I had a big fish swirl on the top raider. David! wind you bobber pole up! I threw the sucker the 60 feet to where the fish surfaced and within 60 seconds the fish took the sucker. It swam towards the boat, he took up the slack line as the fish swam towards us, ok now set the hook hard! I had brought the musky net, they sure are easy to net with the right net, quick pictures and a good release 44-1/2" and heavy fall fish. The little time I get to spend at it, I do enjoy musky fishing . The water was 51 today, warm for this time, don't overlook the shallow water. That fish was in 6' but was relating to walleyes in current.

Great time of the year to be on the water!

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2016 AUGUST 10th @ 12:10 AM
Jeff Robl - Professional Fishing Guide
Bobber Down Guide Service
Turtle Flambeau Flowage

MOON PHASE (First Quarter) CONDITIONS (Sunny) AIR TEMP (76-80 degrees F)
WATER TEMP (76-80 degrees F)

On all day outings there has been a good amount of fish swimming in the live well at days end. Walleyes have been harder to come by, most days catching a dozen walleyes but sometimes only keeping three or four over 13", lot of small walleyes starting to show up. Fishing locations vary with the day, in general have been fishing over 12' or under 5', deeper wood or shallow weeds. Like last year at this time big bluegills make up many of the fish unfortunate enough to volunteer for occupancy in the livewell. They are good eating and fun to catch. Action on smallmouth has been very good, often on wood structure ranging from 6-16' in depth, getting them on both crawlers and leeches.

The thing about fishing every day that isn't something you can easily pass on to customers is instinct, probably mostly learned by time on the water, not some supernatural gift. I had a half day afternoon trip today, busy in the morning with a magazine deadline, was hoping to fish by myself in the morning but didn't press the send button until late morning . Planned on starting on some 12' mid lake humps but with the wind a little over 20 knew I wouldn't get the boat to hold. Fished some deep rocks a little sheltered from the wind and did well on smb and 2 keeper walleyes. Then we fished a couple spots I don't usually fish in August but with the big wind wanted to try them, the second spot had nice bass, a kept walleye, missed walleyes, a 19" walleye my customers didn't mind releasing and a couple bluegills. These fish came off a shallower hump I have not fished in probably a month.

A fun part of the job is teaching customers how to fish, today I had a fisherperson, Kathy, enthusiastic about learning how to catch fish. On the first spot I explained in a nutshell the deal with slip bobber fishing ,if you do everything as I explain you will catch 80% of the bites (unless we get into 3" perch) if you poorly execute you will miss 80% of the bites. Among other fish, she caught the 19" walleye and an 18-1/2" smallmouth, both released.

I think it was the Fred Flintstone cartoon when I was a kid where Fred (maybe it was Barney) sometimes had an angel on one side of his head and a devil on the other telling him what to do. Sometimes driving the boat is like that, try this spot, no! try this spot! Like I tell people, with over a
1,000 waypoints I never run out of spots to try it's a matter of guessing (or on good days crediting it to instinct) the right ones.

Today after cleaning fish I put the remains in the dumpster at the landing (fishermans) then opened the lid to throw in some recyclables where I found a new fishing hot spots map in the dumpster. It looked like brand new, I folded it up and put it in the boat. I know the fishing may be tough, I assume the person who discarded the map didn't see further need for it ,but there are fish biting. If you like seclusion, late in the day on the "big water" there were 2 boats, mine and a young fisherman from Mercer, Matt's.
The fish are getting a reprieve from fisherman.

If you are new to fishing the tff and want to hire a guide I have some open time in August. If I am booked I will put you in very capable hands with another guide with great instincts.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, other than the sonar unit in my boat My tech skills are lacking. Couldn't find the cord, phone to computer, don't know how to e-mail to computer, battery in camera is dead so had to use phone. With the help of Loon-a-tech will post some pics tomorrow. I have enjoyed posting pics with reports feel they help substantiate posts.

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2016/08/03 - Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl 8/3/16 @ 6:29 PM

I enjoy writing more in depth reports but have been busier than I have ever expected with my guiding business. Do have some open days in August including this sat. but they have been filling in.

In general catching a mixed bag of fish, today with almost completely flat water and sunny skies we pulled a few walleyes and a few 14-17" smb out of shallow weeds. We found another pair of big bass on a 10-12' hump. A pocket of nice perch in 13', stumps on the edge of a river channel. The couple I fished with today only wished to keep what we needed for lunch. Customers are sometimes surprised at how far fish go. I kept 3 perch and a 16" walleye ( I ate fish yesterday so passed today) the last piece of fish sat on the plate for awhile until Ericka found room for the last piece.

Yesterday we fished one spot then had to head in for an almost hour storm delay. When we headed back out we found the fish slow. We targeted some 10-14' spots and found few takers. On spots with mostly hard sand bottom with scattered stumps and depths over 12' the fish are sometimes easy to see. We fished spots with fish, but few takers. It is sometimes a wonder why fish suddenly change their mood in this case the sun came out it warmed up and the fish on the next similar spot started biting pretty aggressively. Walleye, perch and smallmouth in 12-13'.

Customers again yesterday just wanted to keep fish for lunch so released everything beyond lunch. Fun Day with grandfather and grandson. Grandson Mason didn't understand the concept of not leaving a spot with biting fish, he was ready to eat. After about 5 "five more minutes" we pulled the anchors and went for lunch.

Thank you to everyone who chose my guide service it is truly a pleasure.

Jeff Robl, Fishing Guide
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