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Hiking & Biking in Mercer Wisconsin


The Mercer area offers several hundred miles of unpaved, single tracked mountain bike routes on county land. These trails are also used by walkers and hunters throughout the spring/summer/fall seasons. A few of these trails double as winter cross-country ski and sno-shoe trails.

There are also several paved roads with excellent scenery that incorporate many of the country's historic transportation, mining and lumbering sites, as well as plenty of forests, lakes and waterfalls.

Each year we celebrate Lupine Junefest in June during the blooming of the Lupines that you see pictured on the left. This event features a bike ride of various lenghts, arts/crafts, photography contests, classic car show, music, food, beverages. For more information and date, check our events calendar on the home page.

If you would like us to mail you our Active Lifestyle Guide that shows the various mountain bike routes click here!