3644W Cty Hwy FF, Mercer WI 54547
3644 County Highway FF Mercer Wisconsin 54547 US

As a PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder, Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc, builds the most energy efficient homes in Northern Wisconsin.

A PHIUS Certified Passive House saves 90% on heating costs and can be heated with the equivalent of a hair-dryer.

From energy-efficient additions and remodels to deep-energy retrofits of existing homes.   Great Lakes Carpentry is your one stop shop for meeting your energy savings/efficiency goals.     We have a solid understanding and implement building science best practices in all of our projects.

We do more than talk about it. We provide quality control by enrolling and testing our new homes through the Focus on Energy New Homes Program and were recognized for Building the Most Energy Efficient Home in Northern Wisconsin in 2016.

We also offer two of the most energy efficient windows made in America, along with state of the art panelized building envelope systems for builders and home owners.

The DOE recognizes Passive House as “Zero-Energy Ready”.   We’re partnered with one of the biggest Solar PV installers in our area.

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