Beginning Oil Painting – Two Day Class

August 30, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
LOLA Center for the Arts
Beginning Oil Painting – Two Day Class @ LOLA Center for the Arts

Cost: $185.00 Adults.  No Experience necessary.

Payment/registration deadline: August 23

In this workshop Barbara will work in the alla- prima style of painting – wet on wet. She will also focus on composition, value, lights, shadows, and color mixing, along with learning about transparent colors vs. opaque.  She will take it slow so students can absorb a little each day.  If you have never painted with oils, this will be a great introduction. And, if you already have some experience, you will still learn something new! Using a fruit still-life, Barbara will start the learning process by “seeing”.  She calls it – “meditation in action”, because we become so
absorbed in doing the process we are not thinking about anything else.”

Oil paint has been the choice of master artists for centuries. Dutch artist, Jan van Eyck (1390-1441) is credited with improving the way in which oil paints were formulated. Today’s techniques & paints have not changed much from his formulas. Various oils (linseed, poppy seed, and walnut or safflower oils) are used to suspend precious ground pigments. Because of the slow drying quality of oil, artists can work longer on paintings, and colors blend easily with one another. Another advantage of oil paints, is flexibility and depth of color. They can be applied in many different ways – glazes diluted with turpenoid for thin layers or used thickly for impasto techniques. Opaque, transparent and translucent painting styles, and many textural variations, all lie within an oil paints range. Join artist Barbara Friedman for this workshop with this versatile, colorful and classical medium!

Supply List: Bring any Oil Painting Supplies you may already have. Canvas will be provided.
2 each Size 4 – Filbert Brushes – Natural Bristle
1 each Size 8 Filbert Hog Bristle Brush

Oil Paints: Size 37 ml or 40 ml Tubes
Titanium White      French Ultra Marine Blue       Cobalt Blue
Greenish Yellow    Cadmium Lemon Yellow         Permanent Rose
Indian Yellow         Cadmium Red or Alizarin Crimson
(Recommended brands: Windsor Newton, Utrecht & Rembrandt)

Paper towels and Turpenoid or other odorless paint thinner.     Bring a bag lunch.     Apron or smock.

BIO: Barbara Friedman is from the Milwaukee area and also spends time at her seasonal home in Watersmeet, MI. She is a multi-disciplined artist, working in oils, watercolor, and stained glass. During the warmer months Barbara can be found plein-air painting in her perennial gardens, often inviting friends to join her. During winter, she is back inside the studio to focus on stained glass art. Barbara enjoys teaching and sharing her many talents. She is especially motivated to teach the skills that her students will need to connect with their own creative spirit and style.