Line Dancing 2024

May 21, 2024 @ 9:30 am – September 12, 2024 @ 11:45 am
Land O Lakes Art Center
Land O Lakes Art

Line Dancing 2024

2024 Line Dance Classes

Every Tuesday & Thursday

with Gloria Andersen

May 21 – September 12, 2024

Classes for Ages (10 and up)


Comfortable clothing should be worn, and shoes
should have a sole that allows movement for all classes.

BEGINNER CLASS:  10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Each Beginner class $5.00 payable at the door.
Take both classes for $7.00 (exact change or check please). @ downstairs  room of Ely Memorial Church 4302 County B in Land O’ Lakes, WI. Please enter through door next to side parking lot and proceed downstairs. 

Level 1 (Basic Beginner): Absolutely no previous dance experience is required. Basic line dance steps are taught and are choreographed to different music moderately paced to a strong 4/4 or 3/4 beat. Rhythms included are: cha-cha, waltz and two-step. Some of the dances in the hour include a one wall change implemented by either a 1/4 or 1/2 turn and are comprised of 32 counts. Also, basic line dance terminology and etiquette is taught. This is great class to take to easily transition into the following beginner class.

Level 2 (Beginner): Choreography is suitable for dancers who have completed Level 1 or have had some previous line dance experience. Routines will include additional rhythms such as night club two-step, mambo, tango and fox-trot.  The musical tempo will range from slow to moderate. Generally, the dances will include 32 to 48 counts, will incorporate more styling principles and use one or more turns.


IMPROVER CLASS:  Thursdays 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM
Upon completion of Beginner Classes.  Each Improver class $7.00 payable at the door (exact change or check please). @ LOLA Upstairs Dolores Lapp Classroom


Improver Class:  This level assumes previous line dance experience or the satisfactory completion of levels 1 & 2. Additional step patterns are introduced, and the choreography will include additional rhythms and tempos. Dance routines at this level use several turns, often have 64 counts and may also use tags and restarts.