Fishing A reel sport

With over 200 clean freshwater lakes in the Mercer area, angling opportunities are endless. From pan fish and walleye to musky, Mercer lakes have it all.

The "Crown Jewel" of Wisconsin, the Turtle Flambeau Flowage (TFF), lies just a few miles from Mercer and is the closes experience to fishing in Canada that you will experience in Wisconsin.

While the Turtle Flambeau Flowage continues its reputation as an outstanding walleye fishery, it also provides for excellent pan fishing. Local guides report that pan fishing has really come on strong with great action in August and September. Numbers of fish and trophy size crappie and bluegill are available and make for great table fare! Crappies up to 15 inches and bluegill up to 10 inches are available.

There are 9 lakes connected to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage by the Turtle River, along with Trude Lake, as well as 16 lake basins in the Flowage itself. All of these lakes hold musky, walleye, bass and crappie. Anglers are able to keep 3 walleye a day with no size limit.

Many Mercer area lakes do not see the fishing pressure that occurs in more populated areas of the state. This means there is a good chance you will be the only one on the lake and the only trailer in the lot at the boat ramp!

Make Mercer your fishing vacation destination, you'll be glad you did!

Fishing Licenses

Wisconsin is a great state to fish! Kids 15 and under fish free every day. So do anglers born before 1927 and active duty military on furlough or leave who are Wisconsin residents. For everybody else, a variety of license options can get you out on the water quickly, easily and at a bargain price.

Licenses are available for purchase at local bait shops and gas stations in Mercer or DNR Service Centers in Woodruff and Park Falls.

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Musky on Flowage

Mercer Musky Fishing

The lakes surrounding Mercer provide outstanding opportunities for the musky angler. The Mercer area contains "action" lakes as well as lakes with trophy-sized fish reaching the 50-inch mark and above!

Musky anglers can start the season fishing smaller, shallow lakes where the water warms the quickest making for more active fish. As the water temperatures warm up, anglers transition to larger area lakes and the Turtle Flambeau Flowage (TFF). Once August rolls around, anglers continue musky fishing on larger lakes and the TFF until ice up. The Turtle Flambeau Flowage offers anglers a shot at a trophy of a life time, with a 50-inch fish caught by a client of one of our local guides in November 2018.

Fishing Report

May 8, 2019

Nice to be on the water again. I would estimate a typical opening weekend amount of fisherman on the TFF judging by the cars at Fisherman's landing and the boats on the water. I fished the TFF the first three days, a different body of water yesterday and gave today's customer a reprieve form enduring some pretty poor weather.

Opening day we spent quite a bit of time fishing shallow water in areas where I knew walleyes spawned. Some males we caught still had milt we did have a couple males up to 16", I believe most of the spawning was probably done a week prior to the start of the season.

Sunday we fished a variety of structure and water depths we tried shallow wood, river channels rock in different depths fish came pretty slow, one here one there no strong pattern in any of the structure we tried. Opening days beautiful weather didn't hold for Sunday we put our rain gear on late morning and watched a steady procession of boats head back in to their place of launching or lodging, very few people left out fishing. The rain broke and we headed to R-8 for a shore lunch, nice to be eating fish that didn't come from the store again.

I had avoided fishing the Flambeau River channel going east because I knew it would be pretty crowded opening weekend, we went that way Monday, I was surprised how many boats were still fishing up there. The first spot we tried first few casts customer had a big fish close to the boat, I was going for the net fish came unhooked he said a 24 his friend jokingly told him the water had significantly magnified the size of the fish, no less it was a big walleye. We fished some of the choice spots, had a couple keepers and some small released fish in all probably saw more boats than fish caught. We left the east end headed out to the "big waters" , from Baraboo to the dam and as far south as you could see there wasn't a boat in sight, the flowage had returned to a Monday normalcy. Our last fish of the day Monday was a pretty dark gold 19" walleye we released. We did a lot of fishing for the fish we put in the live well, I did talk to a select few who did well on opening weekend but most like our boat had to work pretty hard to catch the fish they kept. We fished with 1/8oz. jigs and extra large fathead minnows fished slow across the bottom

reported by: Jeff Robl, Bobber Down Guide Service


Can-Yak : June 28-30, 2019

Love fishing? Love paddling? We sure do. Here is a two day family fishing tournament that combines our love of canoes, kayaks and fishing—right here in Mercer, Wisconsin’s Favorite Outdoor Playground!